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  • SP Chemicals pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality products, at competitive prices.

    We produce caustic soda using ion membrane electrolysis, which is a more efficient and environmentally friendly production process, compared to the diaphragm cells process employed by most of our competitors. Our caustic soda is of a higher quality due to its higher purity and 32% concentration level that is directly marketable without any need for further processing.

    In addition, we offer a high level of quality assurance, enforcing quality control checks at all stages of our production. Our in-process testing procedures have enabled our Group to ensure that products that do not meet our internal quality standards are re-processed to keep our rejection rates to a minimum. As a validation of our compliance with international standards for quality, we were awarded the ISO9001 certification in June 2001 and ISO14001 certification in April 2005, and have continued to maintain our certification.

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