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  • We believe the success of SP Chemicals today lies in our competitive strengths, including:-

    Strong Industry Growth Potential
    Strategic Location in the PRC
    Strong Market Position
    Sound Operating Model

    Strong Industry Growth Potential

    With the continued economic growth of the PRC, the chemical industry is expected to grow in tandem. SP Chemicals' established track record in the Jiangsu province positions us to ride on the growth of the chemical industry, and to become a dominant market player in the chemical raw materials industry in the PRC.

    Our track record in the PRC, as well as the increasing depth and breadth of the Group's business, also gives us an edge over other local companies as we develop our export markets worldwide and position ourselves for globalization.

    Strategic Location in the PRC

    Jiangsu province, where our Taixing facility is located, is the second largest producer of caustic soda and one of the larger producers of aniline in the PRC.

    Our Taixing facility is strategically located in the China Fine Chemical Industry Taixing Park, a dedicated economic development zone designated as a fine chemicals hub in Jiangsu province. Today, the industrial park has attracted internationally-renowned chemical companies such as Akzo Nobel Chemicals MCA (Taixing) Co. Ltd (a Fortune 500 Company), SNF (China) Flocculant Co., Ltd (a French water treatment agent manufacturer), and Noviant CMC (Taixing) Co.,Ltd.

    Being the largest producer of chemical raw materials in the CFCITP, we are best placed to be the principal supplier of caustic soda and chlorine to new and potential downstream producers setting up production facilities in the CFCITP. Most of our PRC customers are located within 300km radius from our production plant. Close proximity to our customers presents us with the added advantage of lower transportation costs and reliability of supply.

    Coupled with our own chemical jetty situated close to our plant and warehousing facility, we enjoy greater convenience in importing raw materials and exporting goods to our customers. This is part of our business operating model which ensures logistical efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

    Strong Market Position

    Besides being the sole Chlor-alkali producer in the CFCITP, SP Chemicals enjoys a strong market position, given the high barriers to entry – such as our integrated chemical facility which requires high capex and investment dollars, as well as our established and extensive customer base.

    Backed by more than 20-year track record in the PRC, SP Chemicals’ customer base includes established multinational corporations and state-owned enterprises in various industry segments in the PRC.

    Furthermore, SP Chemicals is headed by an experienced management team and supported by a team of PRC and Taiwanese managers, most of whom have more than 20 years of experience each in the chemical industry. We also have a young and educated workforce, of whom more than 70% have obtained at least a technical diploma in chemistry or pre-university education.

    • Sound Operating Model

    Our prevalent cost consciousness mindset sets SP Chemicals apart from our competitors. We operate our own chemical jetty, situated next to our plant and along the Yangtze river. The jetty allows us to receive our raw materials and deliver our products in larger quantities and at lower transportation cost as compared to land transportation.

    The operation of our own Co-generation plant has further increase our cost competitiveness.

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