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SP Chemicals is the largest ion-membrane Chlor-alkali producer in Jiangsu Province and the fourth largest in the PRC as at December 2016 with annual turnovers exceeding RMB6 billion. Backed by more than 20-year track record in the PRC, SP Chemicals manufactures and sells chlor-alkali products and related downstream products to PRC-based and export customers.

SP Chemicals' customer base spans the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces, as well as Shanghai. In 2004, the Company also started exporting its products to the US, Japan, Korea and Australia.

The current production capacities as at December 2016 for styrene monmer, caustic soda, chlorine, vinyl chloride monomer (vcm), aniline and styrene monomer are 320,000 tonnes, 750,000 tonnes, 660,000 tonnes, 500,000 tonnes, 135,000 tonnes and 500,000 tonnes.


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